We Offer Manuals For The Most Common Bale Wagons

We supply Operators and Parts manuals for every bale wagon that we sell.  We can sell you any manual for any model of New Holland bale wagon.

But why do you need a manual? Well, for starter’s they are incredibly important! New Holland bale wagons are quite complicated bits of machinery – they have lots of moving parts! If your wagon is not adjusted properly it can cost you thousands of dollars in down time and frustration.  As a bale wagon owner, you need to understand how the machine operates and which adjustments you need to make for it to operate correctly.  The manuals give you instruction for each adjustment and explain how the bale wagon operates.  


Hiring a mechanic to diagnose and repair your bale wagon is fine, but when you purchase large machinery it is to your benefit to understand how it operates. That’s why manuals are critical for every farmer or rancher – seasoned or beginner – because responsible operating starts with doing your homework! A bale wagon is a heavy, dangerous piece of machinery that could prove harmful to others or yourself. When you operate a bale wagon, you need to know the ins and outs of the controls in order to safely stop and disengage the bale wagon. That’s why when you order an Operator or Parts manual through us, it’s our priority to ship it to you as quickly as possible. We understand just how crucial and informative a manual is – the knowledge that it contains can keep your costs from skyrocketing and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Find The Right Manual For Your Bale Wagon

When things go wrong, though, where do you start? There are many complicated and moving parts to a bale wagon, and they can be hard to diagnose when you don’t have a manual. We like to think that a New Holland bale wagon without a manual is like a chick without her eggshell! It’s just that crucial when diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining your bale wagon.

The manuals are critical when trouble shooting difficulties. Is your bale wagon making a weird sound? Or perhaps when the bales hit the arm to unload, nothing happens. Even when you adjust the arm, the two bales still don’t unload! Or perhaps it’s just not picking up hay like it’s supposed to? These problems can seem daunting and confusing, especially when your money is on the line and the rains are closing in. We all know that even the next day can make a difference in hay production.

The Parts manual is useful when determining the steps to disassemble various parts of the wagon and to know what parts you need. If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, then referring to the parts manual will ensure that you don’t cause any more damage or problems to your bale wagon. No bale wagon owner should be without both Operator’s and Parts Manuals!

Give Us A Call If You Have Questions

Over the years, Lonnie and VJ have encountered problems that are not in your operator’s manual or parts manual. If you have any problem with a New Holland bale wagon feel free to call Lonnie at (406) 249-8565 or VJ at (406) 883-2118. They will be glad to help you in any way.

Lonnie has been operating and rebuilding New Holland bale wagons since 1968 so he has encountered just about every problem imaginable. VJ has worked with Lonnie in the shop close to 20 years so he has a good understanding and knowledge about New Holland bale wagons. If you encounter a problem on a New Holland bale wagon that you cannot figure out, give Lonnie or VJ a call. Lonnie has seen many farmers and ranchers who bought a New Holland part only to discover they needed an additional part or bought the wrong one! Not only is it inconvenient to be missing needed parts, but it takes time away from when you need it!

When your time and money is on the line, we’d love to help you get it right the first time. We know that whether it’s your first time repairing a bale wagon or you’ve been in the hay production industry for years, it’s always great to get a seasoned expert’s advice. It never hurts to give as call – we’ll offer you a no-hassle consultation. We have extensive knowledge of our field, and we’ll often know the exact part or bale wagon that suits your needs.

Lonnie or VJ are available to help troubleshoot or get you parts so your wagon will perform like it should. Feel free to give Lonnie (406) 249-8565 or VJ (406) 883-2118 a call. You’ll receive quality advice that will set you on your way!