We Offer Detailed Bale Wagon Specs

We have been rebuilding and operating New Holland bale wagons since 1968. Since then we have operated and worked on almost every bale wagon model that New Holland has made – over 25 types of unique bale wagons!

We’re a small team of dedicated, local Montanans. Lonnie has been involved in hay production since the early 1960s. His current hay production is over 1,000 acres. With our parts manager VJ, we have a combined knowledge and experience of nearly 70 years. You could say we know a thing or two about how to put up hay!

It is very important to know the specifications of your New Holland bale wagon so you can purchase the correct model for your specific hay production needs. Do you need a self-propelled model or a pull-type? How long do you want your bale to be? 2 string or 3 string? Each New Holland bale wagon is unique and offers different specifications.

For instance, if you are interested in breaking into the horse hay market, many owners want a small, compact bale that weighs from 50-70 pounds and is approximately 34-40 inches in length. You’ll need a three-wide model that is designed to pick up the shorter and lighter bales.

We offer nearly every part for every New Holland bale wagon. We know that bale wagons are an important investment for any farmer or rancher. You need machinery that stays tough. You need machinery that lasts years. When bale wagons fall into disrepair, we know it is cheaper and easier to replace parts. Not only is it a hassle to search for a new bale wagon, you have to factor in the lost time and money for transportation. When a bale wagon breaks down at the wrong time, it can mean added stress and unnecessary burden. That’s why we’re such an integral part of Sod Buster Sales, Inc: you’re purchasing quality machinery with top-notch parts! We offer quality parts for low prices to help you and your bale wagon get back on track.

Find The Right Specs For Your Bale Wagon

We have a comprehensive, ever-expanding website of parts and bale wagons. Our website shows all the specifications for the most popular New Holland bale wagon models. For the specifications of models that are not yet listed call Lonnie at 406-249-8565 and he will be glad to help you.

On our website, you will be able see all the specifications of each model. Our specifications will show the years built, bale hauling capacity, two or three wide model, whether it is gas or diesel, engine size, what type of transmission, size dimensions, weight and even tire size.

We manufacture and sell older parts too! Many outdated or older models need hard-to-find parts, and New Holland no longer sells them. At Sod Buster Sales’ own manufacture department, we are able to produce and sell these antiquated parts for New Holland bale wagons that are still working. We also manufacture currently available parts at reduced prices.

Pull-Type Models

Three Wide: The three wide models that you would be looking at for a pull type would be NH 1003, NH 1033, NH 1034, NH 1037, NH 1038, NH 1044, and the NH 1063 bale wagon.

Two Wide: There are also several two wide models that will pick up these smaller bales, 34”-40”. The models are the NH 1002 and NH 1012.

Three String Bales: When looking for a pull type bale wagon to pick up three string bales, there are only two models that will pick them up: the NH 1030 which is a two-wide model and the NH 1044 which is a three-wide model.

“Stacking and Single Bale Unload Models:” New Holland also made several wagons that not only picked up these bales and stacked them but would also unload one bale at a time. This way you could unload the bales on a bale elevator to put them into a hay mow or loft. These models are the NH 1034, NH 1038, and the NH 1012.

Self-Propelled Models

Shorter Bales: The self-propelled models that pick up the shorter bales, 34”-40” are the NH 1047, NH 1049, NH S1049, NH 1069, NH 1079, NH 1089, NH BW38, and the NH H9870.

Larger Bales: Additionally, the self-propelled units that built a block stack and picked up the larger bales, 42”-52” three string and the 16x18” two string bales are the NH 1065, NH 1075, NH 1085, NH 1095, NH BW28 and NH H9880.

Round Bales: New Holland also made a self-propelled bale wagon to pick up round bales. The New Holland 8500 was designed to pick up 8- 5’x6’ bales or 10- 4’x6’ bales.

State-Specific Models

Pull-Type: Western states such as California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon typically made longer and heavier bales. The bale length ran from 42-48” long and would weigh from 80-120 lbs depending whether the bales were a two string or a three-string bale. The pull type modes that were made for this market were the NH 1030, NH 1032, and the NH 1036.

Self-propelled: The self-propelled models for this market are NH 1035, NH 1045, NH 1046, NH 1048, NH S1048, NH 1065, NH 1068, NH 1075, NH 1078, NH 1085, NH 1095, NH BW28, NH BW38, NH H9870 and the NH H9880.

Give Us A Call If You Have Questions

If you are not sure which New Holland bale wagon will be the best model for your operation, give Lonnie a call on his cell (406) 249-8565. He will be glad to ask you questions about your hay production and give you recommendations of which model would accomplish what you are wanting to do.

Lonnie has seen many farmers and ranchers who bought a New Holland bale wagon only to find out they bought a two-wide block stacker when they needed a three-wide model. Not only is it inconvenient to return a bale wagon, but it takes time away from when you need it! When your time and money is on the line, we’d love to help you get it right the first time. We know that whether it’s your first time buying a bale wagon or you’ve been in the hay production industry for years, it’s always great to get a seasoned expert’s advice. It never hurts to give as call – we’ll offer you a no-hassle consultation. We have extensive knowledge of our field, and we’ll often know the exact part or bale wagon that suits your needs.

Critical! It’s important to make the correct bale length for the bale wagon model you have. So many times people have baled a field of hay to find they made the wrong bale length and couldn’t pick them up with the bale wagon they purchased. We’ve seen this happen so many times. Certain crop conditions can cause the baler to make different bale lengths, so it’s important to be aware of that and measure your bales at the start of baling.

Lonnie is glad to help you in any way even if you are looking at a bale wagon from someone else. If you purchase a bale wagon and run into problems, Lonnie or VJ are available to help troubleshoot or get you parts so your wagon will perform like it should. Feel free to give Lonnie a call on his cell (406) 249-8565 or VJ at 406-883-2118.